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Carol’s Cookies Rescuing Your New Year Resolutions

Promises, promises, promises.  Let’s be honest, we all make promises to better ourselves but not all of us follow through.  According to Statistic Brain- only 8% of resolution makers succeed, and this isn’t shocking anyone.  Starting just a few days into January 2016 and continuing throughout the month your newsfeed was most likely inundated with articles, compilations, and jokes about new years resolutions and how easy they are to break.  E! trolled twitter to find their favorite resolution breakers, Jimmy Kimmel dedicated a whole hilarious segment to it, and the New York Times attempted to debunk the myths surrounding your well-intended goals.

We’re not going to do any of that.

We’re going to take 10 of the most popular resolutions made every January 1st and make it easier for you…and show you how Carol’s can help!

Resolution #1. Work out more

Our cookies weigh nearly a half-pound each!  Let’s not discount the workout you get every time you bring one of our monster cookies to your lips – it’s some serious iron pumping.  But if you really want to step it up, hold two Carol’s Cookies in each hand and do as many reps of curls, rows, and shoulder presses as you can.  Then treat yourself with a sweet reward for all your hard work.

Resolution #2. Eat healthier, whole foods with ingredients you understand

Our cookies are handmade in small batches using only premium ingredients. Ghirardelli Chocolate, select California raisins, rolled oats, pure cane sugars and 100% real butter are a few things you will find in our handmade cookies. In fact, we still crack our own farm fresh eggs every morning.  Want the full list of our ingredients?  See here.

Resolution #3. Travel more

What better road trip than going to across the country to visit a Ghirardelli shop, new Whole Foods location, or a new spot for lunch (may we recommend Yats, RJ Grunts, or Frankie’s Scaloppine) where when you arrive you can be comforted by our delicious cookies?


Resolution #4. Give more/be more generous

Break that Carol’s cookie in half!  Or at least into fourths….and then give ¼ away.  See, you’re being generous.  It is YOUR cookie after all.


Resolution #5. Save more money

Buy our cookies in bulk of course!  You can order a bulk shipment of our cookies right to your door!  36 individually wrapped cookies for under $100!  Luckily, our cookies freeze fantastically.

Resolution #6. Learn something new

Have you seen our YouTube Page?  We have a collection of videos just waiting to teach you a thing or two in the kitchen from Carol herself.  Whether you want to know how to make a cookie pie crust or cookie pizza, we are there to educate.

Resolution #7. Shop local

Our cookies are each made by hand in a small, privately owned bakery.  Carol started baking in the Midwest and the Midwest is still where she (and her cookies) calls home.  Give our bakery a call on any day, and the odds are, Carol will be the one answering the phone.  We’re that local.

Resolution #8. Stop smoking

Put down the cigarette and you might struggle with idle hands.  Just pick up one of our cookies to fulfill your craving.

Resolution #9. Improve a relationship

Maybe your boss is annoyed at the amount of times you’ve been “stuck in traffic.”  A friend has been icy since you forget her birthday?  Or, you’re planning ahead for the possible argument on Valentine’s Day?  Whatever relationship is strained, our cookies can help patch that up in no time.  Who can stay mad at someone when they’ve been given one of our handmade cookies?

Resolution #10.  Eat less sweets

We can’t help you there, and you wouldn’t want us to!  Why would you ever want to eat less sweets?




Homemade Gifts: Expectations vs. Reality

There’s no doubt about it, homemade gifts are on the rise.  As of December 31, 2014 Etsy had over 54 million registered users and Pinterest had over 70 million registered users.  That’s a lot of people shopping for, selling, and trying DIY gifts!  And it makes perfect sense.  A homemade gift can be cost efficient, from the heart, and tailored to specific recipients.

But what starts as a well-intended idea for a handmade, homemade gift can often go astray.  Here’s what we’re talking about.


But don’t worry!  You CAN give a homemade, handmade gift that not only looks beautiful, but also is sure to please whoever receives it.  Our nearly half pound cookies are made fresh by hand in 13 flavors.  Need a gift for a cookie lover with a food allergy?  We offer 4 different flavors in certified gluten-free and nut-free cookies.

So don’t rule out a DIY gift, just leave the Y to us.  Whatever your budget or the level of personalization you’d like we have the perfect gifting option.  Check out our wide range of flavors and packages and place your order today.

Why Are Carol’s Cookies Special?

It doesn’t matter what new technologies have emerged or how much business has grown over the last four decades, Carol’s Cookies always has, and always will be handmade. We’ve grown from Carol’s home kitchen to now our fourth and biggest bakery yet, but we’ll never change Carol’s original homemade recipe.

We understand that there are a lot of cookies on the shelf, and we want to make sure ours stand out.  We always use the best ingredients, from our Ghirardelli chocolate to the fresh hand-cracked eggs. Our cookies aren’t machine-driven or mass-produced.  Each cookie is handmade by one of our bakers so you can taste the all natural ingredients in every bite.  We take pride in the fact that no two cookies we bake look exactly the same.  You wouldn’t expect identical cookies out of your own home kitchen.  And that’s all we are: a home kitchen with a phenomenal one-of-a-kind cookie recipe that’s expanded over the course of years to a bakery with over 30employees.

One taste of one of our nearly half-pound, handmade cookies and we’re sure you’ll see what makes Carol’s so special.  So, sit down, kick back and enjoy a Carol’s Cookie and let us know what you think and share with a friend!


Autumn Up Your Baking

We love this season (as you can see from our blog post last year: The Joys of Fall) there’s something about a crisp fall day, a glass of warm apple cider, and our snickerdoodle cookie that is what dreams are made of.

But our love doesn’t stop there.  We love fall decorations, the holidays, and the flavors (pumpkin anyone?).  And from our experience, so do a lot of you!  We wanted to share with your some of our favorite tips, tricks, and ideas for fall-themed cooking and baking.

Use fall colored candies instead of chocolate chips in your baked good recipes.  Same flavor you’d expect but with a little crunch and a very fall feel.

Add pumpkin to everything and anything!  We like to substitute pumpkin for butter and oil in things like breads, cookies, and muffins.  But we also can’t get enough of pumpkin chili, pumpkin hash and eggs, and pumpkin “noodles”!  Poodles anyone?

Use pumpkins as a fun way to serve food and drinks!  A cleaned hallowed out pumpkin takes a little work, but we think it’s worth it for such a festive serving option! They are great for dips (or to hold that pumpkin chili!) and even drinks.

What’s the color most associated with fall?  Orange of course!  You can use orange food dye in a variety of food items to give them a fall theme.  Soft boiled eggs, whipped cream, cream cheese, cake batter, popsicles, water, ice cubes, yogurt…you name it, making it orange automatically makes it feel so seasonal.

Of course there are tools you can buy that make whatever you’re making into a fall shape as well.  We love these pumpkin shaped muffin tins!

Or with a little imagination, patience and skills, you can make plenty of you favorite foods and treats look like fall things.

Have you tried any of our favorite ideas before?  How did they turn out?  Or do you have your own autumn inspired dish to share with us?  We’d love to hear.  Send us a message via facebook, twitter, or email!

Carol’s Baking Hacks

Carol’s Baking Hacks


You don’t want just anyone baking for you- it’s best to leave the cookie making to the professionals!  But if you must take it into your own hands, you can learn a thing or two from those that knock their way around the kitchen.  Here are our Top 10 Baking Hacks for the Best Cookies.


10. Don’t scoop your flour!  Most people take a big scoop of flour out of the container (or pour flour into the container), which results in the flour being packed down more than it should be.  Too much flour equals a hard cookie that doesn’t spread.  Gently spoon small amounts of flour into your measuring cup and then scrap off the excess.  Or better yet- use a scale!


9.  Keep cookies soft and moist with an apple wedge in the container!  This is a great hack and should be known as well as keeping the avocado pit in your guacamole to keep the brown away!

8.  We make sure to always use the freshest ingredients- a little trick that makes sure your cookies taste the best.  Test your eggs to see if they’re fresh: Fill a bowl up with cold water and place an egg in it.  If the egg sinks, it’s fresh.  If it stands on point, it’s good but nearing the expiration date.  If the egg floats to the top, toss it.

7.  Don’t put away still warm cookies.  Letting your cookies cool COMPLETELY ensures that your cookies won’t let moisture fill the container, which gives you soggy, stuck together cookies.


6.  If your brown sugar is brick hard, microwave it with a wet paper towel covering it for 20 seconds to soften it up.


5.  Keep your kitchen clean by using a paper plate to cover your mixing bowl.

4. Try to keep the weight of your cookies consistent so they bake more evenly.  You can use an ice cream scoop or cookie scoop.  But make sure and spray the scoops with unflavored cooking spray to keep dough from sticking and making your cookies a true match in size.  If you notice the dough starts sticking again, simply re-spray!

3.  If a recipe calls for softened butter but you’ve forgotten to set the butter out, run a glass over hot water and put it over the butter.  It will soften your butter and is easy to watch to make sure your butter doesn’t melt which will have adverse effects to your cookies.


2.  Eggshells fall in?  A problem we’re all too familiar with since we hand crack eggs for our cookies everyday.  Use either a large part of the egg shell or wet your finger and dip it into the bowl, the egg shell fragment will be drawn to the shell or your wet finger making it easier to get out.


  1. The best hack to ensure you’ll have the best cookies in town?  Just order some of ours shipped directly to your door.  We’ll even make it easier on you, here’s the link: http://www.carolscookies.com/order-cookies/


What’s your favorite baking hack that ensures your best-made cookies?  Let us know by emailing: info@carolscookies.com

Carol's Corporate Gifts- The Ever So Personal Thank You!

Carol’s Corporate Gifts- The Ever So Personal Thank You!

After our busiest holiday season ever, we were so thankful that not only do so many people send our cookies as gifts to friends, families, and loved ones, but also that so many corporations do as well to thank their clients and friends.  We wanted to reach out to the companies that come to us for their corporate gifts to get a better understanding of why they think of us and what we specifically deliver for them.

Why are Carol’s Cookies the perfect gift for your clients?

Carol’s Cookies is a personal treat to Flaherty’s Flooring- why would we not share this with our customers as a “Thank You!” for allowing us to be a part of their home.

-Flaherty’s Flooring America

The Carol's Cookies experience is amazing.  Customers, coworkers and suppliers remember them for a long time! –Advanced Systems Group

While sometimes gifts are given during the holiday time, other companies choose to give a gift directly after a job was carried out.  Forbes contributor John Hall makes no secret how essential it is for businesses to stay top of mind with their clients.  So we asked,

Why is sending Carol's Cookies to your clients/customers such an important step in your customer appreciation strategy?

Given that we have a very transactional business with relatively large number of customers, the gift giving process is an added assurance that the customer will hear from us after the (the transaction).  Customers are delighted to receive a gift that they don’t expect. Both the quality and size of the cookies adds to the value of the unexpected gift.  We frequently get thank you notes saying things like “you didn’t have to do that.” – Home Carpet One


Scott Hartley of Talk Business Magazine wrote his “5 Top Tips When Choosing Your Corporate Gifts” and his number one tip was to choose a gift that you would be happy to receive.  So naturally, our last and final question to our corporate clients was to:

Pretend you’re opening up a gift tin of Carol’s Cookies for the first time.  Describe your reaction in 20 words or less.

Overwhelming excitement at viewing the most delicious, inviting cookies I have ever seen.  The hardest part is deciding which type to eat because they are so big you can’t take two (not every time at least). –Home Carpet One

Mind blowing.  Memorable. - Advanced Systems Group

This will be difficult to do.  First reaction is “Ah”. The tins are beautiful and the personal note is just that, “Personal”. Then you wonder if the cookies can be as delicious as what you see.   That first bite is “Amazing!” So my 20 words or LESS are:

“Ah”; “Personal” and “Amazing!” - Flaherty’s Flooring America

Seems like they all would be more than happy to receive a tin of our cookies for a gift!

So, does your company send out corporate gifts?  What have you sent in the past and have you ever considered sending cookies?  Let us know: info@carolscookies.com

If you would like to order your own Carol's Cookies as a thank you gift or just for yourself visit our order page!

Ask Carol Anything!

It’s obvious that the one thing people care most about - after the actual taste and size of our cookies - is the creator of our cookies: Carol! Every time we have a candid photo, a sampling event, or an update about Carol we’re overwhelmed by the positive response, enthusiasm, and care Carol’s Cookies fans have. We wanted to give you, our fans and cookie lovers alike, the chance to ask Carol any questions you might have about her personally, her cookies, or her business at-large with a series of posts called #AskMeAnything.

We reached out to all of you via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to find out what you wanted to know and got the answers straight from Carol. In case you missed it, we wanted to share some of our favorite questions, and Carol’s honest answers with you now.

Q: Jamie D asked: What were you involved in before you made cookies?
A: I was a social worker.

Q: Peter M asked: Do you use a convection oven?
A: We use big commercial ovens, which are convection.

Q: Cheryl F. asked: How do you come up with new flavors?
A: We marry flavors we like in other desserts and find ways to create that flavor in a cookie.
We're working on a few fun new flavors now! Stay tuned.

Q: Stephanie D. asked: Besides your own…do you consider any other cookies to be your favorite?
A: I love Wedding Cookies...full of nuts and dry but sugary. Something about those cookies brings me back to my childhood.

Q: Nicole F asked: Why do your cookies taste so much more amazing than any other cookie ever?
A: We use pure ingredients like farm fresh butter, premium chocolate, and we still crack our own eggs. Oh, and we still make our cookies by hand unlike most of the cookies you'll find in a store.

And of course, there were some questions Carol couldn’t answer. Hey- she said #AskMeAnything, she didn’t say she would answer everything!

Q: Nacy S. asked: would love it if you could answer this though...how do you get the cookies to stay so thick and puffy?
A: That's a trick I just can't divulge, taking it to the grave with me!

Did you miss the postings across our social media channels but still have a question to ask Carol? Now’s your chance! We’ll take all other questions by simply posting on our facebook page, tweeting to us with @CarolsCookies remember to use the hashtag #AskMeAnything or email us at info@carolscookies.com. Carol wants to hear from you! #AskMeAnything.

Yelp Us What You Think

You might not know this, but even though we don’t have a retail bakery or storefront, you can still review us on Yelp!  Check out our page here.  We love hearing back from our fans and really, anyone who has tried our cookies.  Of course you can always tell your closest Carol’s Cookies retailer that you love our cookies to make sure they keep them in stock (and keep your eyes open for any new locations starting to carry our cookies).


But nothing’s better than coming straight to us and letting us know how you feel.


But we’re not trying to toot our own horns… to be fair, we don’t always get 4 star reviews.

Not a Yelp member? That’s okay. We love to hear from you anyway you can reach out to us. You can leave us a review on our Facebook page, in our special “Love Letters To Carol” section on our webpage, or just tweet to us letting us know what you think about our cookies @CarolsCookies.

Employee Appreciation

March 6th was National Employee Appreciation Day – did you celebrate all the individuals who come into the office every day to help work towards your company’ goals?

Of course employees definitely deserved to be recognized.  But let’s be honest, recognizing them has its benefits for you as well!  In a 2013 Glassdoor study, it was found that more than 80 percent of employees say that they’re motivated to work harder when their boss shows appreciation for their work.  And we’re not just talking about big bonus checks!  The same study found that 46% of employees would feel more appreciated if their bosses gave them an unexpected treat.

Did we just say treat?  We certainly did.  And is there a better #sweet treat than a nearly half-pound home made cookie from Carol’s?!  But don’t just take it from us.  Last month we were able to help out Ford Motor Companies surprise 2,700 hardworking employees with a custom gift.

And the feedback was incredible!

You don’t have to wait until March 4, 2016 to recognize your hardworking employees!  We’re here to customize a gift that your employees will really love and that you’ll love giving.  Reach out to us here to get started.


The #CookieSelfie Challenge

We want to hear from you!  More specifically, we want to see you!

We know Carol’s Cookies' fans are a unique group of fun, creative people who are passionate about our handmade cookies.  You might choose us because you like that we’re still a mom & pop operation making our cookies each morning by hand, or your priorities might be only eating whole, natural ingredients that you can pronounce, or maybe you are just so smitten by our Toffee Crunch that there’s no turning back.

Whatever the reason may be, one way or another you’re all about eating our cookies!  Well, now we want to see it for ourselves!  Show us how you enjoy your Carol’s Cookies.  Maybe with milk, before your dinner, or shared with a friend?  Or show us where you enjoy your Carol’s Cookies.   At a Pearl Jam Concert, a Blackhawks game, on top of Machu Picchu?  We want to know!  Share your #CookieSelfie with us through any of one of our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram) or email it to info@carolscookies.com.  Just be sure to use the hashtag #CookieSelfie and tag @CarolsCookies to make sure we see it, too!

We’ll create an album of our favorite pics and feature a weekly favorite on social media every Wednesday.  Maybe we’ll even dole out some sweet treats to the #CookieSelfie that goes the extra mile and gets super creative.  So share with us your #CookieSelfie – we want to see what makes you and your cookie experience special.

Snowman Cookie pic with hashtag of #CookieSelfie in the picture.

What to do when the cookie crumbles

What to do when the cookie crumbles

Let’s set the scene:  You go to the grocery store to pick up your weekly essentials (milk, eggs, Carol’s Cookies, a watermelon, cereal, frozen pizzas) and when you get home find that somehow, your cookie slipped to the bottom of the bag and was crushed to smithereens.

Sound familiar?  What’s a cookie lover to do?!

Don’t worry, we’re here to help with recipes that use our cookie crumbs.  It’s true.  You can still enjoy the sweet, crunchy-yet-chewy, goodness of your Carol’s Cookies even though it seems as though it tried to muffle an atomic bomb.


Chocolate-Coconut Cookie Bars

  • 3 cups of finely ground Carol’s Cookie crumbs.  We suggest using our Old Fashioned Sugar Cookie
  • ¼ cup sugar
  • ¾ cup unsalted butter, melted
  • 1 cup pecan or walnut pieces
  • 1 cup ghirardelli semisweet chocolate chips
  • 1 can (14 oz) sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 ½ cup sweetened shredded coconut


  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees.  Spritz a 15x10 inch rimmed baking sheet with water, and then line with parchment paper.
  2. In a large bowl, stir together cookie crumbs, sugar, and butter until combined.  Press evenly onto the bottom and sides of the prepared baking sheet.  Bake, turning halfway, until firm, about 10 minutes.  Transfer to a wire rack and allow for 20 minutes.
  3. Sprinkle cooled crust with pecans and chocolate.  Pour condensed milk over the top, spreading to completely cover (do not drip over the edges).  Sprinkle with coconut.
  4. Bake until coconut is toasted, 10 – 15 minutes.  Transfer to rack to cool.  Then enjoy!


No-Bake Chocolate Chip Cookie Truffles

  1. Combine cookie crumbs and cream cheese in a bowl.
  2. Roll misture into golf-ball sized balls and chill in refigerator 20-30 minutes.
  3. Melt chocolate in the microwave on low for 30 seconds at a time, stirring frequently, until all is melted and smooth.
  4. Take cookie balls from the fridge and dip in melted chocolate, covering completely.  Lift cookie balls out with a spoon and let excess chocolate drip off.  Place coated cookie balls on a baking tray lined with wax paper.
  5. Top cookie balls with additional cookie crumbs – we used our old fashioned crumbs to incorporate a different flavor.  Keep refrigerated.



Cookie Crumb Topped Cupcakes

Simply bake (or buy) your favorite cupcakes that are topped with frosting.  We made Bakerella’s Decadent Chocolate Cupcakes with Hazlenut Frosting. Once made- just dip your frosted cupcake into a bowl of your cookie crumbs.  Finish by sprinkling additional crumbs over the top of the cupcake and pressing lightly to make sure they stick.



Chocolate Cherry Cookie Crumb Bites

  • 1 cup old fashioned oats
  • 1 cup crushed Carol’s Cookies Oatmeal Chocolate Cherry cookie crumbs
  • ½ cup peanut butter (or any other nut butter)
  • 1/3 cup honey
  • ½ cup dried cherries
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract


  1. Stir all ingredients together in a medium to large size bowl until thoroughly mixed.  Cover and let chill in the refrigerator for 30 mins.
  2. Once chilled, roll into balls of about 1” in diameter.  Store in an airtight container and keep refrigerator.


Carol’s Cookie Crumb Pie Crust

You can bake along with Carol in this one!



And if you’re not up to baking….you could always scoop yourself a big bowl of ice cream and top with Carol’s Cookie crumbs and whatever other toppings you desire!

Which one are you going to try next time an unfortunate accident happens to your Carol’s Cookies?  Or do you have your own recipe to use up all the cookie crumbs?  Let us know @carolscookies with #carolscookiescrumbs on Twitter and Instagram!  We’d love to see what you come up with!



Sweet Valentine's Day Chat

Yesterday we sponsored a special edition online live chat on twitter with our friends @Foodiechats and gave them a special offer you can use too: 20% off any order until Monday 2/2/2015 with promo code “Foodiechats15” We were able to introduce our cookies to new people, talk a little bit about how Carol got started baking cookies, and explain what makes our cookies different (the size of our cookies for one and the fact that all our cookies are handmade using all natural ingredients!)  And then we got to have a fun chat about Valentine’s Day, cookies, and all things sweet!

Here are some of our favorite moments from the Twitter chat:

After our sugar sweet chat with the #foodiechats fans we had a one on one interview with FoodieChats on their Instagram and Facebook pages.  There were some unique, fun questions that we know our existing fans and customers would get kick out of:

Do you have any goofy questions for Carol?  It doesn’t always have to be about the cookies! Feel free to ask us on Twitter (@carolscookies) or Facebook (Carol’s Giant Cookie Club) whenever you want!  Thanks to everyone who participated in the super sweet twitter chat- and don’t forget- Valentine’s is right around the corner.  Make sure you don’t disappoint your loved ones and celebrate the day with out giant cookies!


Best of 2014

Happy 2015!

We thought long and hard about our New Year resolutions, but just couldn’t put our finger on the exact goals we wanted to achieve this year.  And then it came to us (via late night YouTube surfing):


Yep, we’re resolving to make 2015 AWESOME.  More awesome than last year.  Which is no easy feat.  Because 2014 was pretty good…pretty awesome.   And that was in large thanks to all of our great customers.  We want to look back on share with you some of our favorite digital moments from you this year.

Our Favorite Facebook Comment

Our Favorite Twitter Comment

Our Favorite Facebook Review

Our Favorite Corporate Gift Review

Our Favorite Twitter Review

Our Favorite Cookie-Fan Photo


Our Most Liked Instagram Post


Thank you all for a great year.  We’re ready (in our new, big, beautiful bakery) to make it an AWESOME 2015 by making the most cookies yet!  And naturally, we hope you’ll all be able to enjoy the fruits of our labor.  What are your resolutions?  Let us know @carolscookies and maybe we can return the favor?

Top 10 Reasons Why Carol’s Cookies make the perfect gift

10. Have you ever met someone who honestly likes fruitcake?

9. You haven’t put the batteries back in your smoke detector since your last great baking adventure.

8. At a half pound each, you won’t need many to fill a stocking.

7. There’s no need for ties in a business casual world.

6. New Year’s resolutions haven’t started yet.

5. Who can eat an entire case of pears anyway?

4. Because Santa clears out the cookie stash every year.

3. Nothing goes better with eggnog and hot chocolate.

2. You don’t have to worry about your gift getting re-gifted.

1.  Flowers die







Holiday Traditions

At long last! The challah has arrived...

You didn’t think Carol only knew how to bake cookies did you?  Not this Grandma!  It’s in her DNA to bake, starting way back at an early age. Carol grew up baking with her mother in their home kitchen in Michigan.  Pies, cookies, cakes, bread…you name it, they baked it.  Quite often they’d bake up a feast for holiday get-togethers, and over the years holiday baking became one of their most cherished traditions.

It’s not only making sure that Carol’s granddaughters have the recipes (don’t get any ransom ideas, they don’t have THE recipe…yet), but that they also have the memories of baking these special recipes with their grandma and spending time with family. This is one way the Goldman’s express their love, through delicious treats.  To Carol, not baking with her grandchildren would not be the holidays!

Of course, these traditions might have to change and adapt as time goes by.  Family dynamics shift, they shrink and grow, members interests evolve, but what’s important is that you take the traditions that mean the most to you and continue to incorporate them in some way so that they’re carried on.  If not for Carol’s mother making sure to bake with Carol at every holiday since she was a little girl, we might have never had the opportunity to enjoy these fantastic handmade cookies.

Does your family have any holiday traditions?  We’d love to hear what they are!  Share them with us on Facebook.

Whatever your family traditions are, embrace them, make time for them, and share them with the younger generations to keep them going.  But if you’re looking to start a new one, or want to be a part of our traditions, feel free to make your holiday order today!

Getting Halloween Ready

Everyone knows this holiday is about two things.  The first is, it’s all about the candy.  Fun-size, over processed, nuggets of sugar. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t wish the tradition changed over to adorably dressed children ring doorbell, door opens, and a handful of Carol’s Cookies minis were handed out…But I digress.

The second part of Halloween, the most important part, is the costume.  Basically, if you dream it, you can be it. It can be extremely overwhelming…where do you even start?  Well, for us, it’s a bit easier.  We eat, sleep, breathe, think, and live for cookies.  So naturally, we favor costumes of the doughy, sweet treat variety.  And we couldn’t encourage you more to take suit…and suit up as your favorite treat this holiday.  And don’t forget to let us see!

The Joys of Fall

So often we hear complaints about the end of summer and the start of fall.

The kids are upset that summer vacation is over, the days are getting shorter, and we’re one step closer to cold weather, shoveling driveways, and hibernation. But at Carol’s Cookies we love the change of the season and think there are a lot of reasons to be happy that summer’s over.

Football season is here.

Hot cider (it’s a lovely compliment to our Snickerdoodle cookies).




Apple picking (and then dunking in caramel!)


The best color palette of all the seasons.


Cozy sweaters.


The only season where it’s practically mandatory to dress up in a costume and eat candy.


S’mores…they’re not just a summer dessert.


Candy corn  (totally counts as a serving of vegetables)


And then #1 reason we’re in love with this fall: it’s the season we moved into a bigger bakery to produce more cookies than ever before!

Carol's Cookies Custom Orders

Of course you wanted to help your favorite neighbor throw their first open house, but that was before your daughter got sick and your husband got called away to travel for work.  Getting to the grocery store right now is as likely as winning the lotto without buying a ticket, but you can’t leave them high, dry, and dessert-less.

But have no fear:  Carol’s Cookies has you covered.  Whatever amount of cookies you need, we have the right gift for you.  Our gift tins and packages can be ordered with 7, 12, 36 or 6 dozen of our 7-ounce cookies!  We even offer gluten-free, nut-free cookies for those with food allergies.  And if 7-ounces of cookie seems like too much, our 1.5-ounce minis have all the same flavor but at a fraction of the size.

So fear not, you have it all under control (with a little help from Carol’s.)  On average, we need just 3 days lead time to bake your fresh batch of cookies and we ship every Monday thru Wednesday from our new bakery in Northbrook, IL.  Or, if you’re in the area, you’re always welcome to come pick up at our bakery (phone first).  We’ll make sure that you will save the day with our giant cookies, whether it’s for an open house, thank-you gift, or just an after school snack– we’ve got you covered.

Order your specific cookies needs by visiting us at http://www.carolscookies.com/order-cookies/


Labor Day Celebration

Labor Day is a day of celebration dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers.  It’s a day to pay tribute to the contributions workers have made to strengthen the economic well-being of our country.  And this labor day, we’re able to celebrate a new milestone for Carol and all of Carol’s Cookies employees.

The morning after Labor Day we’ll be cracking eggs bright and early in a new, bigger bakery.  We feel this grand opening day adequately represents the hard work of our company.  From starting modestly 35 years ago in her own kitchen, Carol went from selling cookies at local shops like Michael’s Hot Dogs and Sunset Foods to being distributed in over 30 states.  Now, Carol’s Cookies has a staff of 25 (and growing!), and in 2013 produced nearly 3 million cookies, a number we hope to surpass this year.

So this holiday weekend, we’re going to enjoy our day off and reflect on how far we’ve come as a company and as individuals.  It’s bittersweet to move from a location with so many fond memories, but we’re excited to increase our trade and continue to evolve, while (thankfully) our cookies remain the same.

Happy Labor Day to all of you- we hope you’re able to relax and celebrate your own hard work and accomplishments.

Carol's Cookies Summer Treats

Just because the days are getting shorter and the kids are counting down how long until they head back to school doesn’t mean your summer fun is over.  In fact, you can make the last weeks of summer sweeter than ever with these dessert ideas from Carol’s Cookies.

Carol’s Cookies Ice Cream Sandwich (1 serving)

  • Two of your favorite Carol’s Cookies (We used chocolate chip)
  • Your favorite ice cream

For our Ice Cream Sandwich, we took two of our fresh Chocolate Chip cookies and our favorite Homer’s Vanilla Bean ice cream.  Let your ice cream sit out for 3-5 minutes so it’s more pliable.  Take a scoop of ice cream and place it on the flat side of the cookie and gently spread ice cream to cover the cookie’s surface.  Top with your second cookie (flat side down!) and press slightly to allow the ice cream to disperse more evenly.  Enjoy as is, or wrap the sandwich in plastic wrap and place in the freezer to enjoy at a later time.

Chocolate Sugar Cookie Milkshake (2-3 servings)

  • 2 cups chocolate ice cream
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1-2 Carol’s Cookies Sugar cookie

First combine your ice cream and milk in a blender and blend until smooth.  We used Homer’s chocolate ice cream and 2% milk.  Break your sugar cookie roughly into thirds and add to the blender.  Blend again until cookie is broken up until your desired consistency.

Carol’s Cookies S’more (1 massive serving: perfect for sharing)

  • 2 Carol’s Cookies (We recommend Toffee Crunch to add another dimension of deliciousness)
  • ½ Chocolate bar (approximately .77 ounces)
  • Large Marshmallows (might we suggest using 2-4 for the proper marshmallow to cookie ratio)

Roast marshmallows slowly over an open flame.  Kids make sure you have parental supervision or approval first.  You can use a campfire or fire pit, or in a pinch, a gas stove or sterno.  We think Carol’s Toffee Crunch is divine in this recipe.  With the flat side of the cookie up, place your piece of chocolate on it.  Once your marshmallow is toasted to your liking, place it atop the chocolate and top with the other cookie.   Open wide, and enjoy!

Note: if you’re physically unable to put entire sandwich in your mouth (we don’t blame you) feel free to take the top off.

Snickerdoodle & Strawberry Trifle (2 servings)

  • 2/3 cup heavy whipping cream, whipped
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/3 cup sour cream
  • 2 Snickerdoodle cookies broken into chunks
  • 1 ½ cup sliced, hulled strawberries
  • 1/3 cup of milk
  • cinnamon

In a large bowl beat the milk, sour cream, and vanilla extract on a low speed until thickened and combined.  Fold in the whipped heavy cream.   Place ¼ of the cookie chunks in the bottom of each glass.  Top with ¼ of the sliced strawberries in each class.  Follow with a large dollop of whipped topping.  Repeat with remaining ingredients.   Garnish with a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Hope you enjoy our summer recipes.  We’d love to hear yours.  Comment below with some of your favorite Carol’s Cookies desserts.