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How do I keep your cookies fresh?
Everything we bake is fresh-frozen so we are able to lock in the freshness after the cookies are baked. Carol’s Cookies can be frozen for up to 6 months, and they actually can be refrozen twice during that timeframe as well. Please note that the cookies should only be frozen. Putting them into a cooler will dry them out like most pre-baked pastries. ^ top

What is the shelf life of your cookies?
Each flavor varies a little from one to the other, but the range is between four and seven days out of the freezer. For example, the Toffee Crunch Cookie will last about seven days and the Chocolate Chip with Walnuts will dry out on the fourth day. ^ top

Do you offer bakery tours?
Due to health department restrictions, we are not able to offer bakery tours. We are a wholesale bakery so we are not setup to accommodate the public. ^ top

Do you have retail outlets?
No, we strictly sell to upscale retail accounts, select distributors throughout the United States and caterers. ^ top

Can you send me your recipe?
Carol’s recipe is a family secret. We have never divulged the special ingredients and techniques that make our cookies so incredibly unique. It’s been buried like an ancient treasure! ^ top

Any new flavors on the horizon?
We are always looking for a fresh idea. We have created some winners like the Toffee Crunch in recent years and some losers like the Candy Cookie. But we are always looking for new ideas if you have something in mind! ^ top

Do you sell any accounts on the East Coast?
We do have some accounts on the East Coast, but they are pretty sparse. We are very interested in growing in that territory even though our main focus has been in the western half of the US. Please visit our Where to Buy page for more details. ^ top

Can you send me your nutritional information?
We have limited information regarding our nutritional information. Please call our customer service for more information. ^ top

Are your cookies all-natural?
Most of our cookies are all-natural. We use 100% pure butter, all-natural chocolates and farm-fresh whole eggs. Our White Chocolate Macadamia Nut and our Milk Chocolate Chunk are the only flavors in our line that are not 100% natural at this time. ^ top

Is Carol cousins with my friend?
Carol gets this a lot. We hear this when we travel as far as California to do demos. Perhaps in one form of another, your friend might be related to Carol. Carol is from Saginaw, Michigan and went to University of Michigan. She has been living in Chicago for over 40 years. So maybe that will help fill in some of the cracks…. ^ top

Do you give discounts for large gift orders?
We try to price our gifts as reasonably as possible, and we think we do a pretty good job considering our products are all handmade and hand-packed. Price per pound, we have the best deal out there when you consider the fact that our Large Gift Tin weighs 6 pounds! Please inquire about how we can help you save money on shipping if your orders are over 50 gifts. ^ top

Do you have offer an easier way to order large quantities of gifts?
Absolutely. Please access our order template for orders over 20 gifts. You can populate it with your address information and email it back to us for faster service. ^ top

Can you include our logo on your gift items?
There is a minimum order of 50 Small Gift Tins or 72 Coffee Cups in order to have your logo imprinted on our gifts. There is a screen charge for each item and customized orders require a prepay based on the quantity ordered. Please call our bakery directly for more details. ^ top

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