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Nothing makes us happier than to hear from our fans. Tell us about your experience with Carol’s Cookies, read stories from satisfied customers, and find Carol's Cookies in your area

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One of our vendors brought in a tin of the cookies – we
are still fighting over them – the most delicious cookie I
have ever eaten! Keep up the good work!
Carol M., Columbia, SC

Dear Carol,
I just bought my first cookie tonight at AJ’s food store in
central Phoenix (Camelback and Central). My mom was a
great baker and we wanted you to know that your cookies
are terrific. Thanks for selling your award-winning cookies
in Phoenix!
Michael O., Scottsdale, AZ

I worked for Neiman Marcus in Northbrook over 15 years
ago and always LOVED your cookies!! They are the best
and biggest cookies I have ever had. I was so happy to
find your website and realize that I can find your cookies
in several places in Carmel!! I have really missed them
ever since I moved out to Illinois. Keep up the great baking!!!
Patti D., Carmel, IN

If you really are what you eat, it is highly likely that my
body is slowly morphing into a Carol’s Cookie. Many
thanks for getting me through late nights of studying and
for making me the envy of all my friends and roommates
when that gift tin of gourmet cookies arrives on my
doorstep. Keep doing what you’re doing and I’ll graduate in May as a very happy young lady!
Emily M., Chestnut Hill, MA

I just received a “Thank You” tin of cookies today from a
charitable organization seeking a donation. Well, I can tell
you…that gift tin of cookies has THE best cookies I’ve ever
had. I’ve received lots of cookies over the years in tins, in
bags and homemade, but these handmade wonders take
the cake.
Terese R., New Orleans, LA

I am just glad that I can find your cookies here in
Albuquerque, and am surprised I had never heard of them
before recently. I love them! I love that they are so thick,
but have a texture that is not at all crisp, yet not mushy or
too chewy. It is that elusive texture that is so special…the
thing I just can’t seem to recreate at home. YUM!
Naomi V. Albuquerque, NM

The company that I work for received about 10 gift tins at
Christmas time. They arrived at about 4 pm and were
completely gone by 5! They taste fresh, like they were just
baked. They are best when warmed up in the
microwave…and even better topped with vanilla ice cream.
Amy H., Indianapolis, IN