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Nothing makes us happier than to hear from our fans. Tell us about your experience with Carol’s Cookies, read stories from satisfied customers, and find Carol's Cookies in your area.

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Of all the things companies send, we look most forward to
your handmade cookies. You will never know how the little
things like fantastic cookies can brighten up miserable
Leslie R., Louisville, KY

A few days ago there was a problem delivering a tin of
cookies to Bosque, New Mexico. Carol herself called me
and THEN called the recipient and redirected the cookies
to her work address. It is very difficult to find a company
that cares THAT much about individual customers. Besides,
your cookies are absolutely incredible (but you knew
that!!). Thanks very much for a job – Very well done.
Jim T., Mountain View, CA

I just wanted to send a quick little note of gratitude to the
best cookie maker in the world. I was first ‘introduced’ to
Carol’s cookies when I was a 10-year-old actor in Highland
Park Players’ Production of “Peter Pan”. Now that I’ve
moved back to Chicago, I can’t go into a Whole Foods
without purchasing at least two of my favorite morsels of
joy. So, THANK YOU for making wonderful cookies!
David R., Chicago, IL

These have got to be the best cookies I have ever eaten.
We received a cookie tin gift from one of our vendors, we
expressed how much we enjoyed them, they were so kind
as to send another. Thanks for making some of the best
cookies on the planet.
Sheila H., Allentown, PA 

I worked at Schaefer’s Liquors for 10 years, from 1989 to
1998 and have great memories of my years there. I loved
Carol’s Cookies and beer. Almost nothing better. I now
live in Omaha and received a couple of Lou Malnati’s
pizza and…two Carol’s Cookies! What a great surprise. I
also see from the store locator on your website that I can
buy them at a store close to my house now. The holidays
will be happy this year. Thanks.
Chip M., Omaha, NE

I worked at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in the late 80’s
and they had cookies in the gift shop called Carol’s
Cookies…my cousin brought some cookie dough last week
that we baked and I explained to her I used to eat cookies
like these at Northwestern…little did we know when we
read the container it said “Carol’s Cookies”…They were then…and still are now…delicious.
Kris O., Naperville, IL

I just wanted to thank you all again for making such won-
derful cookies! In preparing for my July 25th wedding,
they served as an excellent treat for my “packaging
posse” in the days before, and as favors at the wedding, not a single one was left behind at the reception!! You have another unashamed fanatic to promote
the yumminess of your cookies.
Beth and Jeff D., Oswego, IL